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Lucky Shirt - Our Brand Story

Lucky Shirt - Our Brand Story

Lucky Shirt - Our Brand Story

Are you a shirt or T-shirt lover but tired of the ho-hum options out there? We’ve got you and you’re in luck.

We are not another faceless clothing company; Lucky Shirt is your next-door shirt expert and more!  

We create high quality, feel-good T-shirts (and tailor-made dress shirts) with think-outside-the-box designs that only the bold, the magnetically brazen, the lucky ones, and winners can discern and truly enjoy to possess. 

When you feel good, you radiate and attract positive energy in life— The Law of Attraction! For an Irish guy like me, we call it LUCK. You can call it anything you want, of course— but don’t we all agree that fortune favors the brave!

 Starting our Lucky Shirt business is nothing less of a daring venture, that’s true. Yet, we stay true to our deep conviction and drive that when you set out to help others feel good and win in life—we all win! And that’s nothing short of being lucky, I must say! 

 As owner and creator, my big vision for our Lucky Shirt brand is to create a tribe of the bold and the favored that attracts and helps to spread healthy positivity out there — may it be among friends, families, or our communities— one Lucky Shirt at a time! 

We at Lucky Shirt are beyond excited to be launching our premium T-shirts which are made of select, forward-looking material such as the bamboo fabric that feels as soft as silk, is eco-friendly, and sourced in Canada. Add to the picture our unique, at times quirky or hilarious, witty, well-loved lucky print designs that you can choose from. 

Speaking of luck and ingenuity, I’m getting my whole arm tattooed with notable lucky symbols from around the world— this is a personal homage to drawing in more luck and positive vibes!  My whole adult life, I’ve held a strong fascination for enticing and multiplying luck around us. I wish to reflect this core belief in our exclusive Lucky Shirt designs and personalized experience of our growing loyal customers like you.

 Join our tribe if you are a luck magnet, a lucky bloke (but not necessarily Irish!) like me, or just  want to feel good and bold in our Lucky Shirt clothing.

Click on the link below NOW to check our Lucky Shirt catalogue, learn more about our lean yet brave beginnings, and be one of the first to help us grow this lucky tribe!

Your lucky Irish pal,

Carl O’ Brien

Lucky Shirt Founder and Owner |

Entrepreneur |Lucky husband and dad

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